Hollowcore Projects

Discover some of the fantastic projects completed by IPHA members.

Applications of Hollowcore

Prestressed hollowcore slabs are widely used in a variety of applications, all around the world. They possess a number of advantages over other construction methods, as both a flooring solution and for wall panels.

Their versatility means they can be found in all sorts of buildings and projects, from residential, to commercial, industrial and infrastructure.

Hollowcore slabs are used within a number of different building methods. As well as complete precast structures, they are utilised in hybrid construction, in conjunction with in-situ concrete, masonry, steel and wooden frames.

Best Practice

For many years, IPHA has been at the forefront of promoting best practice, providing a platform for discussion and collaboration. Our membership includes many of the leading companies within the industry.

By sharing examples of projects and best practice, our members are able to move the industry forward, improving standards within manufacture and usage of hollowcore.

IPHA’s conferences and seminars have regularly helped to address issues such as health and safety, quality control and assurance, and compliance with internationally governed standards.


IPHA and its members are active in research and development. As technology and engineering advances, its influence on the hollowcore industry can be seen.

Use of software and automation means all phases of the hollowcore life cycle are becoming more efficient. The industry also has a large role to play in the adoption of BIM practices.

The TT-Award, given annually to our members, acknowledges efforts to push the boundaries and promotes innovation. Engagement with higher educational institutions and external bodies also facilitates development.

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