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Peikko and Generale Prefabbricati Help to Build New Interxion Data Centre in Marseille

IPHA Member Generale Prefabbricati and Associate Member Peikko have key roles in building MRS4 – Interxion’s fourth data centre in Marseille and due to open in the second quarter of 2022.

France’s second largest city, Marseille is a leading telecoms, data, content and cloud hub in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and the ninth largest in the world.

MRS4 is located in the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille, near Interxion’s existing MRS2 and MRS3 data centres and similarly connected with numerous high-speed submarine and land data cables.

The three-storey, 6,700 sq m building comprises large enclosed central areas for data storage, and office areas on the sides. A total of 60 double-height columns have created a second level at 11.7 metres high, and a third level at 17.4 metres high which is the roof and base for additional technical and safety equipment.

Rapid Construction

The precast concrete columns were installed quickly – in as little as 25 minutes – and were immediately stable and self supporting, saving time and space and helping to maximise site safety.

For the project Peikko supplied 88 DELTABEAM®s of spans ranging from 2 metres to 10 metres, together with BOLDA® and HPKM® Column Shoes. DELTABEAM®’s relative light weight meant it could be rapidly installed by crane.

The DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure has created wide, open spaces in the building and – compared with using solid concrete beams – a 34 cm larger space between the DELTABEAM®’s underside and the prestressed hollowcore slab. This 50% larger space is used for the significant amounts of power and data cabling required, plus piping.

Close Collaboration

Ing Marco Pecetti, Technical Sales Manager at Generale Prefabbricati and IPHA Board Member, says:

Generale Prefabbricati is honoured to be recurrently designated, as in the prestigious MRS4 project, the Spiroll hollowcore slab supplier.  Starting from the design phase, our expertise optimises building frame performance in projects across France, Italy and Greece including heavy seismic areas. This is the case of the challenging MRS4 project, thanks to an accomplished and productive collaboration with Peikko’s very skilled technical team.”

Reference Project

Romain Cressens, Technical Sales Manager at Peikko France, says:

“Peikko solutions are perfectly suited to this type of works, which optimise both construction phasing and the building structure by freeing spaces for the networks. With Peikko’s connection products, our client Bouygues has been able to implement the prefab elements in complete safety. For Peikko France, MRS4 is a great reference project and we are very proud to have participated in it.”

Generale Prefabbricati are Full Members and Peikko Associate Members of IPHA.


Interxion Data Centre MRS4, Marseille

Project Type

Precast concrete structure with a composite steel-concrete slim floor system

Project Date

Construction 2021-22, due to open Q2 2022


Project Facts

  • Developer: Interxion, part of Digital Realty
  • Construction Company: Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est
  • Architect: DK Architects
  • Structural Designer: Stebat / Sinetudes
  • Involved IPHA Member – Generale Prefabbricati
  • Involving IPHA Associate Member – Peikko
  • Project Location: Marseille France

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