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IPHA Members Collaborate to Build Huge Amazon Warehouse in Spain

Continual booms in e-commerce require investments in logistics infrastructure. Amazon has met these growing demands with a new 100,000m2 warehouse.

The soon-to-be logistics hub will serve the Madrid area, and the warehouse will rise three storeys high. Designed with a precast frame, the finishing building will use hollowcore slabs from precaster Tecnyconta-Consolis, one of IPHA’s group members.

Thanks to previous successes, Tecnyconta also chose to work with IPHA associate members, Peikko, on this project.

“With more than 400 columns of 22 meters in length, using bolted connections was a logical choice. Peikko’s solution increases work safety and reduces the risk of accidents”, said Óscar López de Sola, Technical Office Manager of Tecnyconta-Consolis

With such a quantity of columns to erect, speed and safety is crucial for making good progress on site. A bolted connection can be done in all weather conditions, and when the bolts are precisely installed to the foundations, it’s easy to keep the rest of the structure within tolerances.


No propping, more safety, and less crane time


“If conventional column connections were used, propping would have been needed to allow the grout to cure. This not only slows down construction, but the propping creates unnecessary obstructions and can be a safety hazard. Also, the risk of failing bracing was totally avoided with column shoes”, said Adrián Liste Martinez Sales Director of Peikko Spain.

The ability to easily level the column with nuts helped in keeping the pace of installation high.

He described the process further: – “As soon as the nuts are tightened, the connection is moment bearing and the erection crew can move to the next column. This translates into lower crane time and cost savings. The whole frame is built in a Lego®-like manner; erect the columns, install the beams and hoist the hollowcore into place.”


Making holes in the hollowcore slabs


There are more than 100 openings in the hollowcore, so the ability to create them easily with PETRA® slab hangers benefitted both the design and construction phases.

“The structural designer was able to skip the time-consuming static analyses and tailor-made structural solutions. In the construction phase, the installation of slab hangers and hollowcore was straightforward”, Adrián points out.


Efficient deliveries


More than 2,000 column shoes were delivered from Peikko to the precasters, just on time. The anchor bolts, from size M20 to M45, and around 200 customised PETRA® slab hangers, were delivered directly to site.

Peikko always aims to deliver in as efficient a manner as possible. In this case, four full truck loads were needed to transport the hardware.

The project will be completed by the end of 2021.


Amazon Warehouse, Madrid

Project Type

Precast Concrete Warehouse




Project Facts

  • Involving IPHA member Tecnyconta-Consolis and associate member Peikko.
  • 100,000m2 warehouse for Amazon in Madrid, Spain
  • Precast frame including hollowcore slabs
  • Use of Peikko PETRA® slab hangers for more than 100 openings in hollowcore slabs

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