On behalf of IPHA and the 3 participating companies, thank you to the members that joined us for the second live IPHA webinar.

The webinar was well received, and we saw some excellent presentations from Nordimpianti System Srl, Precast Software Engineering and Peikko.

If you would like to contact any of our presenters to ask questions or discuss their ideas further, their details are as follows:

Andrey Borisenkov (Nordimpianti System Srl) – a.borisenkov@nordimpianti.com
Susanne Schachinger (Precast Software Engineering) – sschachinger@precast-software.com
Oliver Beckmann (Peikko) – oliver.beckmann@peikko.com

For those members that missed or were unable to attend the live webinar, there is an opportunity to watch a replay. Before we tell you how, here’s a reminder of the topics.

Increasing Erection Efficiency of Structures Using Non-Standard Width Hollowcore Slabs | Nordimpianti System Srl

Andrey Borisenkov, Sales Export Manager at Nordimpianti, talked about the problems that occur during the design of floors and how the erection of buildings can be made more efficient using hollowcore slabs of non-standard width.

Design and Planning Efficiency for Industrialised Construction | Precast Software Engineering

Susanne Schachinger, Area Sales Manager at Precast Software Engineering, talked about construction using precast concrete elements as the smart way to build for a rapidly growing world population, and how the right software tools and digitised workflows enable precast companies to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Hollowcore Slabs Supported on DELTABEAM in Fire Case – Fire Tests 2020 in Leipzig, Germany | Peikko

Oliver Beckmann, R&D Engineer at Peikko, talked about the findings of fire tests using hollowcore slabs supported by DELTABEAM®, as recently published in a new white paper.

Don’t miss the next webinar…

The next IPHA webinar is now confirmed for February 12, 2021 at 10am (GMT) / 11am (CET). Please put the date in your diary.

We already have 3 new participants lined up – Elematic, MBCC-Group and Strusoft.

They are sure to build on the success of our earlier webinars, with some interesting topics and new developments that will be of interest to our members.

Further information on this and your chance to register for the event will follow soon.

Watch a replay of the second webinar

A recording of the webinar is available to all. To watch it, please click the button below.