On behalf of IPHA and the participating companies, thank you to the members that joined us for the third episode of our 2022 webinar series.

We saw three more interesting presentations from member companies.

If you would like to contact any of our presenters to ask questions or discuss their ideas further, their details are as follows:

Susanne Schachinger (Area Sales Manager | ALLPLAN PRECAST) – sschachinger@allplan.com
Oliver Beckmann (R&D Engineer | Peikko) – oliver.beckmann@peikko.com
Lennie Van de Keer (Product Manager | i-Theses) – lennie.vandekeer@i-theses.com

For those members that missed or were unable to attend the live webinar, there is an opportunity to watch a replay. Before we tell you how, here’s a reminder of the webinar content.

Outsourcing of Engineering Work – Success Factors for Precast Companies | ALLPLAN PRECAST

Susanne Schachinger, Area Sales Manager at ALLPLAN PRECAST, addressed various aspects of the red-hot topic of outsourcing engineering services.

She also gave an insight into how the ALLPLAN PRECAST software products meet the often-complex challenges of an optimal workflow between the precast concrete manufacturer and the engineer or detailer.

From Fire Test to Approval – Solving the Support of Hollowcore Slabs on DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Beams in Fire Case | Peikko

Oliver Beckmann, Dipl.-Ing.(FH), R&D Engineer at Peikko Group, explained how Peikko, a leading global supplier of concrete connections, composite structures, and wind energy applications, has succeeded to receive a one-of-a-kind national technical approval (aBG) by DIBt, the German national approval body.

The new DIBt approval, which is based on extensive testing and assessment, guarantees full acceptance of fire design by construction authorities in Germany without delays and further questions.

In detail, the new approval covers the verification for fire design of load transfer from slab to beam, design of connecting reinforcement, impact on vertical shear design of hollow core slabs and guidance for application of the solution on construction sites.

Quick Wins with PlanDesk | i-Theses

Lennie Van de Keer, Product Manager at i-Theses, explained how to optimize your work processes by using integrated applications linked to production planning, quality control, monitoring available accessories, stockyard, logistics and more

Watch a replay of the webinar

The recording of the webinar is available to everyone, along with PDF copies of the presentations. To watch it and access the documents, please click the button below.