On behalf of IPHA and the participating companies, thank you to the members that joined us for the second episode of our 2022 webinar series.

The webinar was well received, and we were delighted to see so much engagement with the audience on an interesting and important topic.

If you would like to contact any of our presenters to ask questions or discuss their ideas further, their details are as follows:

Tomas Plauska (Sustainability Manager | Consolis Group) – tomas.plauska@consolis.com
Simo Hakkarainen (DELTABEAM® Business Director | Peikko) – simo.hakkarainen@peikko.com

For those members that missed or were unable to attend the live webinar, there is an opportunity to watch a replay. Before we tell you how, here’s a reminder of the webinar content.

Part I – Joining Forces for Sustainability

Tomas Plauska, Sustainability Manager, talked about how they are addressing environmental challenges at Consolis.

This includes their Green Spine Line™, one of the solutions that will help them take the lead in reducing the environmental footprint of the precast industry.

You can watch a video on the Consolis corporate story below:

For more information on the Consolis Green Spine Line™:

Part II – Environmental Impact of Hollowcore Slabs in a School Building

Tomas also presented the results of the new IPHA study. This examined how hollowcore slabs compare with competing structural materials, and what opportunities exist to optimize precast and hollowcore – making a positive contribution to the decarbonization of construction.

Part III – DELTABEAM® Green with Hollowcore Flooring

Simo Hakkarainen, DELTABEAM® Business Director at Peikko Group Corporation, talked about how Peikko are becoming part of the many solutions addressing climate change, rather than just part of the problem.

Simo also explored the possibility to combine hollowcore with DELTABEAM® Green, including a case study with application to the same representative building used in the report.

You can watch a video on DELTABEAM® Green below:

Watch a replay of the webinar, download the report and presentations.

The recording of the webinar, as well as downloadable copies of the report and presentations, are available to members only. To watch and download, please click the link below.