An assessment of Global Warming Potential of biobased construction products

At 14:00 CET on Wednesday 8th June 2022, you are invited to attend the online launch of an independent research programme.

Achieving a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 is one of the key pillars of the European Green Deal. In the construction ecosystem, evaluating the whole life environmental effects of construction materials and products, based on comprehensive and robust data, is of critical importance to ensure the right decisions are taken to mitigate climate change.

Several European and global trade bodies, in the field of construction products formed a consortium, and commissioned this research to expand the scientific knowledge around GWP assessment methodologies.


Expand the scientific knowledge around GWP assessment methodologies

When specifically addressing the whole life carbon (embodied + operational) of construction products, bio-based materials are often directly referred to as the preferred solution, even before performing any life-cycle analysis.

This study provides an assessment of the science base behind the principles of:

  • The carbon neutrality of bio-based construction products: when a product is carbon-neutral? What are the necessary conditions for it?
  • Their substitution effects: what are the effects of substituting other solutions today and in the future? What are the most effective strategies. How does this affect the roadmaps at national, European, and global level?
  • Temporary carbon storage: what are the effects on climate change? Should they be considered from a policy point of view?

This study further provides suggestions for applying a science-based approach to the establishment of the policy framework:

  • It points to the need for better data and methodologies
  • It requires to apply a full life cycle analysis based on correct methods and scientific data
  • It promotes alternative routes, like the decarbonisation of mineral materials
  • It suggests concentrating on forest conservation and restoration

Consequently, it promotes the need for the contribution of all construction materials to the decarbonisation of the built environment.

This webinar will offer the chance to hear directly from “LBP|Sight” who has carried out this critical research together with “Royal HaskoningDHV”.

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