First Lithuanian BREEAM Project Built Using Hollowcore Slabs and DELTABEAM®

This project is the third building to be constructed on the S7 Business Campus in Vilnius, Lithuania. Currently one of the largest construction projects in the country, building commenced in 2018, and is estimated for completion by the beginning of 2020.

Total investment in the S7 project is anticipated to exceed 100 million EUR, with the campus itself covering an area of 2 hectares, including a total area of 55,000 sq. metres for the offices.

The inaugural building in the project, DC PIER, has already been granted the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) New Construction Excellence Certificate. This is the first time the certificate has been granted in Lithuania, and only the second in the entire Baltic region.

IPHA Associate Members Peikko supplied 2 km of their DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure to the project, having already supplied 4.3 km for the first two buildings constructed on the S7 Campus.

DELTABEAM® is being used together with hollow core slabs manufactured in Lithuania. The combination of Peikko’s system with hollowcore slabs enables an exceptionally slim floor structure, bringing outstanding savings on material, and therefore costs, of the project.

Additionally, standardised connections make for easy assembly on site. As members of IPHA know well, using hollowcore slabs as a flooring solution offers many advantages, not least the ability to bridge long spans between the supporting structure. This in turn allows flexible, open spaces within a building – perfect for modern office and business use. In fact, the longest span required in the project was 13.6 m.

Another advantage of the system used, is speed of construction. The second building, S7-2, an office with 6 floors and over 15,000 m² of hollow core slabs, was assembled in sixteen weeks. Additionally, the use of hollowcore in combination with Peikko’s PETRA slab hangers made it easy to install openings for services such as piping, heating and other systems.


S7 Business Campus, Vilnius, Lithuania

Project Type

Office Buildings




Project Facts

  • 3rd building commenced 2018, estimated completion 2020.
  • Hollowcore slabs, with DELTABEAM®.
  • Involving IPHA member Peikko.
  • 2 hectare site, 55,000 sqm office space.
  • BREEAM excellence certificate already awarded for the first building, DC PIER.

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